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Voice recording for commercials

Capture the essence of your brand with captivating and persuasive voiceovers for commercials. Our team of talented professionals can breathe life into your advertising campaigns, making your brand message truly unforgettable.

Crafting compelling voiceovers for commercials requires selecting the right voice talent that matches the brand’s tone and message. The script is then professionally recorded, edited, and mixed to create a polished audio track that captures the essence of the advertisement.

E-Learnings / Web-based Trainings

In the ever-evolving world of online education, effective audio content is a necessity. Our studio specializes in producing high-quality voiceovers for e-learning materials and web-based training courses, elevating the learning experience for your audience.

For e-learning and web-based training, the process begins with script development and narration. Voice talent is chosen to deliver the content effectively. Audio recordings are produced and synchronized with the visual content to create engaging and informative training modules.

Telephone Audio

First impressions matter, even over the phone. We’ve crafted countless telephone audio solutions, from welcoming queue messages to professional telephone banking systems. Ensure your callers receive the right message from the very first ring.

Telephone audio includes recording greetings, messages, and prompts for phone systems. The process involves script creation, voice talent selection, recording, and post-production to ensure clear and professional audio that enhances the caller’s experience.


Harness the power of automation with our text-to-speech services. Our studio provides natural-sounding and expressive text-to-speech solutions for a wide range of applications, from accessibility features to automated customer support.

Text-to-speech involves the conversion of written text into spoken words using computer-generated voices. The process includes fine-tuning the text, choosing the appropriate voice, and post-processing to make the speech sound natural and expressive.


Immerse your audience in rich storytelling with our expertly produced audioguides. Whether for museums, historical sites, or tourist attractions, our studio has been guiding visitors on captivating journeys for over two decades.

Audioguides are used to provide informative and engaging audio tours at museums, historical sites, and tourist attractions. The process involves scriptwriting, selecting appropriate narrators, recording, and editing. The goal is to create an immersive and educational experience for visitors.

Automatic Dialogue Replacement

When precision and synchronization are paramount, our studio’s ADR services shine. We’ve mastered the art of seamlessly integrating voiceovers, ensuring your productions maintain their authenticity and clarity.

ADR is used to replace or enhance dialogue in a film, TV show, or video game. The process begins with identifying the lines that need re-recording. Actors then perform the lines in sync with the on-screen action, and the recordings are carefully synchronized during post-production. ADR is commonly used to improve audio quality or correct errors in the original recording.


Dive into the world of storytelling with our audiobook production. We’ve breathed life into countless narratives, ensuring an engaging and immersive listening experience for audiences of all ages.

At audioberlin, we pride ourselves on our extensive industry experience and the quality of our audio production services. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our expertise to your specific project needs. We’re not just your audio partner; we’re your voice, your brand, and your story.

Audiobook production involves script adaptation (if needed), voice talent selection, recording, and post-production editing. The goal is to create an engaging audio experience that brings the book’s narrative to life, making it accessible to a wide audience.

In each of these areas, your recording studio’s expertise and experience play a crucial role in delivering high-quality results. The processes often involve collaboration with writers, voice actors, and sound engineers to ensure the final audio product meets the client’s objectives and standards.


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