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Native voice talents.
Any language you want.


Finest equipment.
Passionate engineering.


Voice recordings - right in the center of Berlin.


Inspiring atmosphere.
Sweet sound.


Commercials, game audio, ADR
IVR, eLearning, documentaries,
audio books, audio guides, text-to-speech


Connect from all over the world
- Session Link Pro
- Source Connect Pro / Now!
- Teams / Skype / Zoom / Slack / Meet / webex



Audio Book “Victory City” by Salman Rushdie

Audio Book “Victory City” by Salman Rushdie

17. February 2023

Chromakey Video Productions

8. February 2023

Every Summer After – Carley Fortune

Audio book voice recording

Giotto – TV commercial

17. January 2023

Podcast 1700 years Jewish life in Germany

17. January 2023

New Insights

17. January 2023

Professor van Dusen

17. January 2023


17. January 2023


Next door to the world-famous Hansa Tonstudio in a space of over 200 sqm you’ll find the premises of audioberlin:

– three air-conditioned and sound optimized recording studios

– editing suites, office, sofa corner, photo and chromakey studio and of course the coffee bar.

Studio A can be used for projects with a bigger cast, Studio B is perfect for solo and dialogue recordings. Studio C is multifunctional.

We work with professional equipment such as Neumann, Brauner and Schoeps microphones and preamps by Avalon and Lake People.

Screens in the control rooms and voice booths allow for timecode exact recordings.

You can join the sessions from anywhere in the world via Session Link Pro, Source Connect Pro/Now!, Mayah IP, phone, Webex, Meet, Teams/ Skype.


You’ll hear the difference

Words, music and sound design – for over 19 years audioberlin has been standing for professional voice productions. Whatever you have in mind, no matter what languages you need – our goal is to provide you with the best possible advice and to help you making your wishes come true. A fast and high-quality execution of your project goes without saying. We work with the most professional voice talents – that saves time and costs.

Our well-equipped studios are located at Potsdamer Platz, in the center of Berlin. Just come over and meet us. Because you’ll hear the difference.

Voice recordings

We specialize in voice recordings of all kind – audio books, radio plays, e-learning, audio guides, ADR, commercials, documentaries, IVR and text-to-speech, computer games, apps or whatever else you need: we’ll have the perfect voice and create a production that will meet your demands.


Your recording needs to be done in several languages? No problem! We only work with professional native voice talents. We have a lot of experience with the demands of different languages and a huge localisation network.

Sound design

Thanks to many years of experience and a passion for sound design we turn your idea into a unique sound experience.


Sometimes the unique atmosphere only comes into being through the right music. We’ll find the perfect music or even compose it according to your wishes.

Speakers pool

In our extensive database of professional voice talents there will certainly be the right voice for your project. Either you name one or we suggest a talent to you.


We not only offer perfect technical conditions but also directors for voice recordings. Do you want to direct yourself but you can’t come personally to the studio? No problem: dial in via Microsoft Teams/ Skype, Webex, Meet, SessionLink or Source-Connect.

Script editing

A well-written text is not necessarily one that can be spoken well. Some texts are simply too long for an existing video or don’t strike the right note. We’re happy to edit your script in a way it works in all respects.


Many projects have to be produced in several languages. We can organize the translation for you as well as native script editing or directing.


Every project is different. Get in touch with us and we’ll make you an offer that is tailord to your needs.


Matthias Scheuer

CEO. Business degree. Inhouse photographer. Director. Member of the German Association of Sound Engineers.

Jan Ullmann

CEO. Lead Sound Designer. Director. Game Designer. Member of the German Association of Sound Engineers.

Teruko Sugiyama

Project and Office Management

Pascal Thinius

Audio Engineer / Team Leader, DJ.

Eric Michels

Audio / Video Engineer. Tech Nerd.

Christian Ulrich

Freelance Audio Engineer. Dipl.-Tonmeister, Member of the German Association of Sound Engineers.


audioberlin audiotainment GmbH
Koethener Str. 38
D-10963 Berlin
Tel. +49-30-2655 8878