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Voice recordings.

Right in the center of Berlin.

Our services

For over 20 years the audioberlin team has been standing for professional voice productions. Whatever you have in mind, no matter what languages you need – our goal is to provide you with the best possible advice and to help you making your wishes come true. A fast and high-quality execution of your project goes without saying. We work with the most professional voice talents – that saves time and costs.

Our well-equipped studios are located at Potsdamer Platz, in the center of Berlin. Just come over and meet us. Because you’ll hear the difference.

Hybrid Voice Production / AI Voices

Voice recordings


Sound design


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Advantages of working with us

Voice Database

In our extensive database of professional voice actors, you will surely find the right voice for your project. Just give us a name or we’ll suggest a talent.

Over 1,000 voices in over 50 languages!

Networked work

We do offer perfect technical conditions on location, and additionally the possibility to connect worldwide. You would like to join the session, but can’t come to the studio in person, your voice of choice is in the US and your client in Asia? No problem: dial in via Microsoft Teams/ Skype, Webex, Meet, SessionLink or Source-Connect and be there live.

Paperless Production

We use digital scripts and editing documentation on tablets to save paper printouts.

Sustainable audio production

We are producing with 100% green electricity – with 0.0 CO2 emissions. Additionally we produce our own electricity from solar energy!


Localisation of PC games, ADR, voice recordings for advertising, eLearning, telephone audio, text-to-speech, audio guides and audio books are part of our core business. And we have been doing so for over 20 years. Here are a few examples:

Was ist gut an…Drogen?

16. April 2024


10. January 2024

GAME: League of Legends WM Event Trailer

14. November 2023

GAME: Final Fantasy XVI

14. November 2023

PODCAST: Good Game

14. November 2023

GAME: Naruto x Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections

14. November 2023

GAME: Starfield

27. October 2023

AUDIO BOOK: “Victory City” by Salman Rushdie

AUDIO BOOK: “Victory City” by Salman Rushdie

17. February 2023

CHROMAKEY: Video Production

8. February 2023

AUDIO BOOK: “Every Summer After” by Carley Fortune

Audio book voice recording


17. January 2023

PODCAST: 1700 years Jewish life in Germany

17. January 2023


17. January 2023

AUDIO PLAY: Geister-Schocker

17. January 2023

AUDIO PLAY: Sherlock Holmes

17. January 2023

Maja Lunde - Die Letzten ihrer Art

AUDIO BOOK: “Die Letzten ihrer Art” by Maja Lunde

12. January 2023



11. January 2023


We are looking forward to your request!

Matthias Scheuer

CEO. Business degree. Inhouse photographer

Member of the German Association of Sound Engineers.

Jan Ullmann

CEO. Lead Sound Designer. Director. Game Designer

Member of the German Association of Sound Engineers.

Teruko Sugiyama

Project and Office Management

Eric Michels

Audio / Video Engineer. Tech Nerd

Christian Ulrich

Freelance Audio Engineer. Dipl.-Tonmeister

Member of the German Association of Sound Engineers.


audioberlin audiotainment GmbH
Koethener Str. 38
D-10963 Berlin
Tel. +49-30-2655 8878