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Localization of video games

Are you in search of a recording studio with a deep understanding of the gaming world? With over two decades of experience, our studio excels in the art of game localization. We’ve been the voice behind countless adventures, making sure your games sound just as engaging in multiple languages as they do in the original.

The process of localizing video games involves adapting games for different regions and languages while preserving the gameplay experience. This typically includes translating in-game text, voiceovers, and cultural adaptations. The process often starts with script translation and localization, followed by voice casting, recording, and post-production. Quality assurance is crucial to ensure that the localized version feels as engaging as the original.




Final Fantasy 16

League Of Legends

Guardians Of The Galaxy


GAME: League of Legends WM Event Trailer

14. November 2023

GAME: Final Fantasy XVI “Revenge”

14. November 2023

GAME: Naruto

14. November 2023

GAME: Starfield

27. October 2023


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